Scarecrow Festival

Saturday 4th October

We deserve a day off, so that is what we are doing.  We are staying in the San Simeon Pines Resort at the northern end of Cambria and the home to the (world famous!!!) Scarcrow Festival.  After a sleep in we drove back into downtown Cambria and started exploring the array of antique and art shops on offer.  It seems as though all of the retired hippies have set up co-ops and are selling off their life’s collection of eccentric knick-knacks.  After about the 10th co-op we had exhausted ourselves (and there were plenty more to go) and decided it was time for some good Mexican street food.  One of the retired hippies who we had met along the way helped me order some delicious taquidos.

We finished off the afternoon in one of the many wine tasting shops before buying a couple of local wines for later consumption.

Following a swim and a sleep it was time for a spectacular sunset.  Just across the road from our motel we found a seat on the edge of the cliff.  With some great Moonstone Cabernet Sav and a cheese platter we toasted a dazzling West Coast sunset.image

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    • Yes we are clocking up some miles now, but there is so much to see. It is a bit overwhelming. We are in Monterey now and we head for Yosemite tomorrow. Thanks for reading the blog. I hope it is displaying correctly.

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