Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall

Monday 9th October

We continued on the metro, being able to travel in the female-only carriage and alighted at the Dubai Mall stop. We walked kilometers in an elevated, air-conditioned walkway with at least a dozen travelators just to reach the outskirts of the mall. The Dubai Mall is dubbed the world’s largest mall and besides the hundreds of eating places there are more than 1200 retail outlets.  It also has an aquarium, an underwater zoo, an ice rink, water features, sculptures and much, much more.

The waterfall

We met Kaitlyn and Scott there and viewed the light show on the water before dining at the Time Out Market. It’s a food hall concept with first class restaurants serving up amazing foods. We were able to pick and choose from various cultures including Portuguese, Vietnamese, Italian, Greek, Thai and more – absolutely delicious.

Diane and Kaitlyn at Time Out

The peppers


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