Paris to Dubai

Paris to Dubai

Saturday 7th October

Now that we have sorted out the travel connections between our hotel and our departure terminal at Charles de Gaulle Airport it was an easy transition, but it still took 3 hours and our hotel was on 150 mts from the entrance of the train station where our journey commenced. France is on high alert because of the Rugby World Cup, but now we have to add to that the upheaval in Israel overnight.  The security was extreme. Groups of up to eight, heavily armed military personnel were patrolling the airport and the checks on carry-on the baggage were increased.  Sometimes they checked bags twice. Hence we only just made it to the lounge in time for one glass of Moët (at 10:30 in the morning). The breakfast was delicious too.

It was a pleasant 15C when we left Paris for Dubai. Note the temperature at approximately 6000 ft is 23C.

When we landed at 8pm Dubai time it was 39C

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