Paris Day 1


Saturday 16th September 

After a great night of rest in our lovely apartment I took an easy morning before wandering on down to ‘ile Saint-Louis to meet with my friend Makala. She was in transit from the storage conference in Vegas via London and managed to take some time out for herself in Paris. We enjoyed some refreshments overlooking Notre Dame.

I decided to experience some traditional French fare for lunch today with some onion soup (they don’t call it French onion soup). It’s a broth style hot soup with plenty of sliced, well cooked onion, accompanied by small dishes of grated cheese and croutons.  By adding the cheese it has a fondue effect on the soup. It sinks to the bottom of the bowl and becomes a delicious, melted gooey surprise. This was followed by their Plat de Jour (special of the day) Beef Bourguignon. A delicious plate of braised, stewed beef fashionably (there’s that word again) referred to back home as ‘slow cooked’. It was served with potatoes and carrots and a basket of bread. My server slipped out to pick up a couple of baguettes from the boulangerie across the laneway, sliced a few pieces to accompany my meal. All of this good food was washed down with a glass of Merlot from Bordeaux. Ahh, what can I say – nap time!

My lunch restaurant

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