Day 26 Cobar to Merriwa

I peeked out at the car park to make sure the bike was happy. And could barely see it as a  black blob in a sea of fog. It was a white out!

The temperature and time seemed to move in lock step. Once again at 9am it was cracking 9 degrees C…..standing next to the bike with no wind chill factor….you guessed it electric jacket and gloves were fashions of the day as I rolled East past Fort Bourke Hill.

a 250 km run to Narrowmine had me tripping through Nyngan and Nevertire as well. The countryside was lush! Nothing like the 1980’s…..I pinched myself as expanses of green broad acre cropping rolled by and thought perhaps I was back in the Riverina! Of course the cool weather helped as well as recent rain and heavy cloud giving a rich hue to a landscape I had accused once of being arid.

The temp maxed out at 18 degrees but with a wind chill factor my boots were getting bitterly cold. East of Dubbo the road became more interesting with a few fast corners and Friday afternoon commuter traffic. With the sun finally throwing a long shadow below the  clouds I approached the fringes of the Hunter valley and spectacular sunset vistas of amazing farmland.

Around 5pm weather to the east looked black, my feet were like frozen bricks. Merriwa was a good place to stop after a 504 km day with 5 and a half hours in the saddle.