Boston to Quebec

Friday 19th September

We had an early start as we had some distance to travel which included a border crossing into Canada.  We started to experience the magnificent country side as we drove north from Boston.  The weather is still blue skies and sunny and we are constantly reminded how lucky we are and how unusual this is.  So I am dreading the change as it will be very, very cold, even though summer is just finishing now.  We are moving into Fall.  So all the leaves on the maple trees and other vegetation are starting  to change and display various shades of reds, oranges and yellows.  Then they will all fall off.  The fields are so green and the cows are fat.

Lunched at Bath, off the beaten track.  There are only a handful of buildings and an old rocker who has a huge collection of rock-n-roll memorabilia.  There other claim to fame (apart from the fact that they are in New Hampshire so they pay no sales tax and no income tax) is the beautiful timber covered bridge which was originally constructed in 1832.  The reason they are covered is to protect the timber from the elements so they last a very long time.

We drove into Quebec (pronounced Ca Bec) where Canadian French is the official language, however they speak French and English to us.  Staying to the Hilton and my room has fantastic views of the old walled city, the Frontenac and the Citadel. We dined out in the historic heart at “1640”.  The meal was great.  Only have wi-fi in the lobby here so I am currently enjoying some live but smooth jazz music.

2 comments to “Boston to Quebec”
  1. Dear Susan, How many on the tour with you?
    I can just imagine the Maple trees and their wonderful coloured leaves making for some fantastic photo shots.

    • Hello Carmel, There are probably about 35 to 40 people. More than half are from Australia, 5 from the US and about 10 British. Good bunch. Our guide is my the US. The fall is probably coming in a couple of weeks early so we are very lucky. It is starting to look spectacular.

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