Albi Day 7

Albi Day 7

Friday 29th September

Today is farewell to Albi, but there are still a few things to share.

Our apartment, located in a 12th century private mansion was originally the home of a wealthy Albi businessman who was condemned for Catharism (considered to be a form of heresy by the church). The church confiscated the mansion and over the centuries it has had several owners who have undertaken various renovations. It remains a good example of architecture from the Romanesque period built from the local limestone, although remodeled with red brick throughout time.  The walls are at least 2ft (60cms) thick.

Our apartment was on the first floor

Bike parking Albi style

A green cauliflower

This made an interesting addition to our dinner table the other night.  We have been finding that we need to supplement our diet with a decent meal of vegetables every few days. It is noticeable just how many boulangeries (bakeries), patisseries (with excessive amounts of sweet treats) and glaciers (ice cream shops) there are.

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