Albi Day 6

Albi Day 6

Thursday 28th September
After traveling as a band of 3 for the last 3 weeks, it changed today as we farewelled Sue. She caught the train to Paris then onto Prague to meet up with her daughter to travel for another month on the continent.
Being our last day in Albi it was a good time to do the last minute things. I went shopping and bought a dress to wear to dinner tonight. I also went to the local department store and bought some beautiful French fabric – some more new outfits coming my way.
Diane and I took a short boat cruise on the Tarn River. A view from the water was another great way to take in this amazing city.


An old mill, now an apartment building

The Berbie Palace

The rail bridge

Washing day

Dinner at Alchimy was delicious. We started with a French cocktail, Kir. It is made with a measure of peach liqueur topped up with white wine. For my main I enjoyed some veal with caponata (a vegetable dish of fried aubergine and other vegetables seasoned with fresh tomato sauce. olives, capers and celery) plus a green salad (which was just lettuce and an infused olive oil). The lack of vegetables to accompany main dishes is noticeable. I think the reason that this restaurant was different is due to the owner, although being a local he had lived in Australia for 8 years. He had a restaurant in Darling Harbour for 4 years and then another in North Sydney for the next 4 years.

Our meal was paired with a local red from Gaillac. I finished off with the best Irish coffee, whilst Diane was more traditional with the Cognac.

Irish coffee

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