Carcassonne Day 1

Carcassonne Day 1

Saturday 30 September

Travelled to Carcassonne by train from Albi via Toulouse on Friday.

As always, Saturday is market day. It’s the best time to arrive into a new town and this was no exception. We were able to stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables. This time we also found a great dried fruit and nut stall. There were less bread and cheese sellers from previous markets and the variety of fruit and vegetables were not as extensive. We did buy some local roast chicken, although it was very expensive. A large whole chicken at 22 euros ($36 AUD) was a bit much in quantity & price, so we settled on just enough for a meal. The strawberries and raspberries are full of flavour. There was even a stall selling fresh goats milk products. Apparently it has not been until very recently that fresh milk of any sort was available for sale in France. It was all longlife. In fact cream is still only available as a longlife product!

Dates and figs


Dried meats. Wide variety, but no chilly

Fresh goat milk

We are noticing a shift in the population. Carcassonne seems to be influenced by it’s proximity to Spain and the coast, hence Northern Africa.

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