Carcassonne Day 2

Carcassonne Day 2

Sunday 1st October

Carcassonne all but goes to sleep on a Sunday. The public transport does not operate, lots of the bars, restaurants and all of the shops are closed. It was interesting to find that the big supermarket (a national chain) was open but after 12:45 they cannot sell alcohol.

Being Sunday we went to church. Our local, Saint Vincent.  We went along to listen to a special organ recital. The organist played 4 pieces. It was magnificent to listen to.

The organ recital at Saint Vincent

Stained glass image of a nobleman with a hunting dog

In the same chapel is a statue including a dog, looks like a Weimaraner to me.

The painted motifs in the same chapel

We walked on up to the citadel or fortress on top of a rocky outcrop (Cite de Carcassonne). It was gradual climb, crossing over Aude River and winding our way to the top.

Pont Vieux over the Aude River

The citadel

The moat around the fortress

Port Narbonnaise – one of 2 entrances into the fortress

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