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Back to the USA

It was an early start to cross the border back into the US. It still took over an hour.  We made a couple of stops before arriving in Lancaster.  There is a large population of the Amish (pronounced “armish”) People here.  The faith originated in Europe with members immigrating to America more than 200 years ago. Today in our modern world they continue to lead a simple life – no electricity, very plain clothing, no jewellery, no telephone, no cars.  They mostly farm for a living although some have developed small industries around wood working and tourism.  The children are educated until about Grade 8 level before becoming involved in full time work on the farm.  They use horses and horse drawn equipment to till the soil and harvest the crops.  Their mode of transport is a horse and buggy or a kick bike (looks like a scooter but with larger wheel at the front and back).

Dined with an Amish family. A typical wedding feast was served.

Pumpkins are in abundance at the moment so they are being sold in lots of street side stalls.  Some people have become very creative and put a coat of shellac of them.  This makes them very shiny and they will last longer.  With Halloween approaching the large ones will be used for carving.

Visited a typical (but very large) supermarket and noticed that they sell Tilapia in the fish department.  Also tried some snow pea crisps, lightly salted.

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