After checking out the Art Deco inspired Lord Elgin Hotel we hit the road for an all day but very easy drive to Toronto.  A few stops along the way proved that some of those really corny American TV shows are quite true. They are such a consumer society.  Traveling along the Thousand Island Parkway was a very pleasant drive.  There are more than one thousand islands but some are really tiny.  Only big enough for a fishing shack.  They have to take their boats out of the water by October each year in preparation for the big freeze.  When the lake thaws again by about March/April they can launch them again.

Toronto is a bustling city of more than 2.5 million people and I am staying right on Lake Ontario in the heart of the city.  The hotel is huge.  Took a walk along the waterfront and wandered into the Theatre District and had a lovely Italian meal with Philip and Dean.

There is a saying in Canada – there are only 2 seasons, Winter and Construction (that is the only time they can work on anything, otherwise it is under many metres of snow)

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  1. Hi Susan and Geoff, thanks for sending the link through. It sounds like you are having an amazing time and I have loved catching up on your trip so far. I am so glad you liked the Universal VIP tour – should we be keeping out an eye for you in a movie soon??? Continue to have fun!

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