22nd September 2014

Easy drive (2 hours) to Ottawa today, the capital of Canada with about 800,000 people living there.  It is on the St Lawrence River.   The hotel, Lord Elgin is right in the heart of the city.  It is a compact city and very easy to navigate whilst on foot.

The Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper welcomed the President of South Korea Ms Park Guen-hye today to sign a free trade agreement.  So this effected our access to the Parliament House, the Peace Tower and the Library at the Parliament.

So during the day I saw a motorcade of about a dozen black vehicles whizz past carrying the prime minister.  I also saw the motor-bike patrol/escort that had been enlisted to provide extra security of the President.  They were parked up in the side street by the Chateau Laurier (huge, old hotel built like a castle in the middle of town).  There were about 15 of them, all Harley Davidsons and 1800cc.

I continued on foot and walked through the Park beside the Rideau Canal.  Construction commenced on the Canal in 1826 with the intention to built a navigable  and secure waterway between Montreal and Kingston due to ongoing tensions between Canada and the Americans.

I also found a few interesting sculptures and statues including the Maman bronze spider created by Louise Bourgeios.  I found myself back by the locks of the Rideau Canal right beside the Chateau Laurier.  I then crossed under the roadway by the canal and emerged in Confederation Square at the National War Memorial and yet another amazing set of bronze sculptures.

Dinner tonight was at another great French restaurant.  It was good to be tucked up into bed a bit earlier.  I am feeling a bit worn out.