The Big Texan Steakhouse, Amarillo

Thursday night 26th December 2019

Texas is big even when you don’t expect it. After driving for miles through the open panhandle we drifted into the outskirts of Amarillo. A village of 300,000 people connected by a series of motorways and seemingly endless arrays of F trucks and pickups. The Biggest Texan Steakhouse boasted an exterior of puce yellow with mismatching blue trim. Inside the 1000 seated patrons chose between large and enormous steaks, generally preferring the biggest variety in a vegan free environment. Waiters stooped under the trays of overloaded plates as children cut loose on the firing range to test their aim. Downstairs the 2 kg steak was being demolished by a ravenous soul who failed to finish inside the allotted hour, but still welcomed by an applause from the house as he threw in the towel.

2 comments to “The Big Texan Steakhouse, Amarillo”
  1. I’ve just done a big catch-up on your travel blog. ?
    Liam has arrived to complete the party, so onward ho!
    I hope you enjoyed your Christmas in the land of BIG.

    • Christmas was relaxing and so good that we could all be together. We have hit the road again and have arrived in Santa Fe. We spent the afternoon ducking in and out of snow showers, but what a wonderful place.

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