Paris Day 4

Paris Day 4 – Chateau  de Versailles

Tuesday 19th September

Diane and I traveled about an hour out of Paris to the Palace of Versailles. Originally the old hunting pavilion of Louis XIII, it was transformed by Louis XIV when he installed the court and government there in 1682. Today the palace has 2,300 rooms spread over more than 63,000 sq mts – now that’s some space!

Hall of Mirrors

We enjoyed a delicious lunch at the Palace in the restaurant – Angelina’s.

We did take time out to visit the Bon Marche department store – wow.

Crossed the River Seine.

Made our way to Galleries Lafayette, another department store, but this time it was an escalator ride to the rooftop for a view of Paris.

Then a stroll through the store. Simply stunning.




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