Paris Day 3

Paris Day 3

Monday 18th September

Took a slower day today.  I explored the area around where we are living for the week – the Marais. It’s quite difficult to describe all the history that surrounds us.  The buildings are old and there are just so many of them.

I did a bit of shopping and stopped for lunch at a rainbow cafe. The one thing that one must do in France when stopping for coffee, a drink or a meal is to be seen and to be seeing everyone.  The tiny cafe tables are arranged side-by-side, within inches of the next table with 2 chairs beside each other, both facing the street. This enables the seeing and to be seen.  It works well up to the point until the neighbouring table orders coffees to finish off their meal because that’s when the cigarettes come out.

I browsed through the BHV department store across the road from the Hotel de Ville or Town Hall. The store was amazing. The displays are magnificent. The clothing collections are stunning and they are arranged in such a stylish, elegant way. Moving through the store it’s evident that all items are to be presented in an eye catching manner from salt and pepper grinders to tea towels and spoons. Even the furniture is elegant and very chic. Then there are the brands. There are simply dozens and dozens of fabulous brands that I have just never seen before.



Hotel de Ville

Hotel de Ville from the BHV rooftop cafe

The police on rollerblades


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