Day 2 Picking up the HARDLY Davidson i.e. BMW

Just outside Chicago there is a place that looks like Harley Heaven. About an acre of bikes and riding apparel. I resisted the urge to buy anything with HD on it. Contracts for hiring are frightening, I signed away my retirement funds and any inheritance that Sean and Liam thought they were getting before being escorted to the corral. A shiny BMW R 1200 T was awaiting me and a friendly guy who asked me if I knew where the gears were and gave me the keys. I don’t remember saying yes.My First SelfieIMGP7956



The travel briefing took another 30 seconds…
ride behind the leader in staggered formation
use your left are to indicate turning right
good…324kms ahead of us..lets roll
the beer truck will pick up the stragglers

I started the Beema and remembered the horizontal cylinders…well something was knocking my knees anyway

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