Albi Day 5 – Cordes-sur-Ciel – Albi

Albi Day 5 – Cordes-sur-Ciel – Albi

Wednesday 27th September

It was an early start this morning to catch a local bus to Cordes-sur-Ciel, the village above the clouds, although there were no clouds today. It was another perfectly fine day. The village dates back to 1222, built to resettle and shelter people who had been displaced by the Albigensian Crusade. Although not built as a fortress, it was built in a defensible location on top of a rocky outcrop. There are lots of examples of Gothic architecture and the town, with less than 1000 residents has a medieval feel.


Main Street leading up to the top of the village

City gate

Which way?

A local and his best friend


The Great Hall

On the way down


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