September 12th, 2014

We are really relaxing and thoroughly enjoying ourselves.  We have had some fabulous meals and some great wine.  Vegas (compared to the rest of the States that we have seen so far) is very, very expensive.  Even the locals acknowledge that.  The other thing we have to get used to and very quickly is the tipping system.  It has become quite obvious that the staff wages here must be very low.  We see as many people behind the counters and in the shops as we have done in shops in Asia.  The customer service here is outstanding as they really have to work for their tips, which incidentally are 15% of the total bill.  That gets a bit expensive after a while, but there is no way out of it.

A few other quirky things we have noticed include in some parts of the country they refer to the Main Meal as Entree, which is confusing.  They also still use 1 cent coins (a penny),  5 cents (nickel),  10 cents (dime) and 25 cents (a quarter).  They also use $1 notes.  The accepted practice for tipping a porter is $1/bag.  They also don’t advertise their tax (GST to us) on any of the price lists, menus, price tags etc.  As a result we are ending up with a lot of useless coin.  Until I thought I had a great use for it with the 1 cent poker machine at the casino. But alas I discovered last night that they only take credit cards or notes in the machine.  So I still have a pocket full of coin!!

We had breakfast over at Caesars Palace this morning before going for a wander around the complex.  I bought an outfit to wear out tonight to a club.

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