Radiator Springs…..video

Radiator Springs

Day 2 at Disney Land and we visited both parks again.  We had breakfast at the Pacific Wharf in California Adventure.  it was really hot today, around 32C.  Got very brave and went riding on the “Californian Screamin” – the roller coaster.  Wow, it goes fast, up and downnnnnn……, sideways and upside down. “Screamin” is an appropriate name.  We enjoyed a jazz band the “Ellis Island Boys” whilst sipping a Sangria and we visited Cars Land.  It is a desert-like setting with shades of Route 66.  We raced each other in the Radiator Springs racing cars and I won.  The Hollywood Hotel and Tower of Terror was another bone cruncher of a ride.  I also rode in a Trolley Car and the Disney Train.  I thoroughly enjoyed the calming effects of the huge Carousel before I tested my nerves on the Matterhorn.  For dinner we dined at Wine Country and then had front row for the Colour of Magic Show.  This takes outdoor projection on water screens to a whole new level