New Orleans – Day 1

Wednesday 18th December 2019

3C – 12C and fine

NOLA, the abbreviation for New Orleans Louisiana.

We drove out of town today to the bayou at Barataria. Bayou means an extremely slow-moving body of water. The bayou is connected to a complex series of man made canals that allow massive barges to transport goods. The bayou and canals provide abundant supplies of crawfish, shrimp and catfish to some 3500 restaurants/dining halls of New Orleans. It is also home to heron, spoonbills and the American alligator. It was too cold today to see any alligators so our tour guide produced a baby gator for us to take a closer look at.

Back in town we sampled some beignets – deep fried Choux pastry smothered in icing sugar. They come in serves of 3 per plate – after dislodging as much icing sugar as possible I managed to eat one. Lucky Carmel and Geoff helped me out with the other two.

Took a stroll along the waterfront (Mississippi River) beautiful day but very cold. The huge ships that constantly ply these waters is stunning.

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  1. Hellooooo there Susan
    Love your pics and commentary!
    You look warm and snug while we are in the midst of our heat waves ?
    Enjoy, Christmas not long now xx ???

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