Melbourne to New Orleans

Tennessee whiskey and dry

Tennessee whiskey and dry

Saturday 11th March 2017

It has been a day of delays. 2 hours late out of Melbourne to LA.  Despite the original 4 hour connection time that turned out not to be enough and we were rescheduled onto not only a different flight, but a different route.  Eventually we left LA for a flight to Dallas Fort Worth.  It is the busiest airport in the world so we thought that sounds like an adventure.  In between landing, checking the information boards for our forward flight and hopping on board the Skylink train from terminal A to D, they changed our flight.  So we are now back in Terminal A waiting for another delayed flight.  We are hopeful that we will arrive into New Orleans (NO to the locals) Louis Armstrong Airport by 9:30pm.  Our original arrival time was about 4:30pm.  The Skylink train does give a birdseye view of the HUGE airport, so not all was lost.  Besides all the way along we have been treated well in the various club lounges.  So a Tennessee whiskey and dry is not so hard to swallow!!!

As is the case everyday I learn something new.  So today’s new fact is rather quirky – animals can be taken on flights in the US.  I know what everyone is thinking, so what we can do that in Australia as well. BUT does your cat, dog, monkey or pig actually sit beside you in economy or business class.  Well they can here.  The laws were changed 8 years ago and if a person can identify the animal as being necessary for emotional support then it qualifies!!!!  So just in case I thought I was imagining I have just shared my Admirals Club (equivalent to Qantas Club for American Airlines) lounge space with a  King Charles Spaniel. Although we did spot a German Shepherd earlier on this evening.

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  1. You will get there eventually. Just had a pilot from United Airlines staying and they are on the same flight out of Melbourne tomorrow, have told them about your delay.
    Wonder how Kiddo would be as my emotional support travel companion.

  2. WOW what a trip. You must be exhausted. Did u get your premium economy when stuffed around.
    I am sure Bonnie and Teddy would help me emotionally!!!!
    Luv JJ

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