Lyon to Uzes, Occitanie

Friday 8th September

Lyon to Uzes

Today was my first experience on a fast train TGV from Lyon to Avignon. A very smooth journey for 80 minutes before arriving in Avignon. We then took a 30km journey by taxi to our French Cottage, l’Olivier in Uzes. It’s a small town of about 8000 but was bustling with plenty of morning activity. We took an easy morning with coffee, exploring and lunch in the main square.

Sue & Diane

We then found our cottage and discovered that it’s an interesting term for this nondescript wooden door down a lane way.

Our lane way leading to the cottage

The door

Upon opening, it revealed a narrow stone staircase leading up to the first level where we found a library, a bathroom, dining room, lounge room and kitchen. From the kitchen there was another steep set of wooden stairs leading down to the ground floor and another lounge room, bedroom, laundry and access to the car garage. It’s from this level that access is gained to a very large cave a vin or wine cellar. Sadly there was no wine to be found.

Stone steps

Dining room

Lounge room



Retracing my steps back to the kitchen I discovered another set of steps leading down to our very private courtyard. Once back inside I found yet another set of stone steps leading from the library up to the second floor with 3 large bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

We dined in and enjoyed our new home for the next 7 days.




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