Singapore to Lyon, via Dubai

Singapore to Lyon, France via Dubai.
Wednesday 6th September

We had a long night of travel with two 8 hour flights.  We kicked off well sipping on Moët in the Emirates Lounge. We dined well in Dubai, once again in the lounge before departing for Lyon. The journey across the tarmac to our plane was a trek in itself. We travelled for at least 10 minutes and passed by dozens of Emirates A380-300 aircrafts all lined up at air bridges in the process of flight arrivals/departures. These giant birds can carry between 500 to 800 passengers depending on the configuration of the upper and lower decks. On our second leg of the flight to Lyon we flew in a 777-300 with just under 400 passengers.  It was a smooth transition through Customs and Immigration, jumped into a waiting taxi for a high speed journey into the city.
It was very hot by the time we arrived – seems as though the heat wave conditions have returned. We checked in and met up with our other travel companion, Sue Sherriff from Queenscliff , Victoria.
We ventured out in the early evening as the Lyonnaise do and enjoyed a cool glass of Sauvignon Blanc at one of the many bars that spill out onto the pavement.  At another we enjoyed a meal. I had some pan fried Dorade, also known as Bream served with plenty of potatoes. Sipped on a glass of another local Burgundian wine – a viognier.

And now to sleep.


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  1. Dubai airport is amazing… we arrived at 4am in the morning on our flight, it was already 40 degrees outside…… obviously did not leave the airconditioned airport whilst we waited for our next flight…… why would you with all the shopping and brand watching on the beautiful ladies in the airport…. Ed was like… what is Jimmy Choo …. lol

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