Edenton to Charleston

Sunday 8th December

We explored downtown Edenton before driving onto Charleston choosing to take the back roads rather than the freeways.  It was quite noticeable the decline in living standards with many houses in a poor state of repair or abandoned although.  We saw lots (hundreds and hundreds) of mobile homes.  They are similar to a donga in Australia but much longer, in poor repair, located anywhere (not necessarily in a trailer park)and are permanent residences. 

What was even more noticeable was the number of churches in every town on the outskirts of towns, all in an excellent state of repair and (being a Sunday) with full carparks.

We made it through to Charleston to 15 Church Street for a return stay with Jack and Annelise Simmons.  We arrived just in time for the Charleston social hour before dining out at Pearlz in East Bay Street.

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  1. Interesting dialogue as expected! Washington DC even simpler to explore than Canberra . Both great capital cities. ‘.
    Gas’ so cheap even with the 9/10 th…. much cheaper than buying water! Yes seems the USA has lots of poverty.. I like exploring the more ‘effluent’ bits . Very selfish of me but get depressed seeing those locked in poverty

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