Day 3 Camooweal to Tennant Creek

Day three opened up the Barkly Tableland and after crossing the border into the Northern Territory the speed limit lifted to 130 km per hour.

Queensland - Northern Territory border

Queensland – Northern Territory border

Cattle road train

Cattle road train

It was interesting most people sat on 120 km per hour. Like me they were trying to conserve fuel and the 20 litre tank which normally delivered 400km was now only good enough for 350 km. Still it was not needed as the longest stretch only consumed 15 litres so I always had plenty in reserve. It as a 4 hour 47 minute run to Tennant Creek averaging 109 km per hour. It was also a chance to check out the Bose noise cancelling earbuds. I had been using the helmet speakers but they can’t keep out the wind noise.The buds on the other hand really cut the noise down and I could play a bevy of pod casts to while away the time and keep me alert. I had given up on wifi and Bluetooth and just jammed the plug in my iPhone and hit play.