Chicago Jazz and Blues

imageAndy's Jazz Club

We could hardly come to Chicago and not investigate the Jazz and Blues scene and it certainly did not disappoint .  We dined at Andy’s Jazz Club and were entertained by an 18 piece jazz band.  They were joined by an Afro American veteran female vocalist with a mop of white hair and a husky voice.  She pumped out a few memorable Frank Sinatra numbers.  After a couple of hours we wandered over to the Blue Chicago Club to be met at the door by a Dr John look-a-like.  Unbeknowns to me Geoff had lined up with the lead guitarist/singer to call on us to dance.  So when they came back on for their second bracket he was loudly calling my name “Sussssannn”, come on down and dance with me.  So we had a fabulous time and turned out to be the feature floor show – no one else danced.  We finally stumbled out of there at 1am, very hot and sweaty.


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