Carcassonne Day 5 – Cabardes & Minervois

Carcassonne Day 5 – Cabardes & Minervois

Wednesday 4th October

We picked up our tour at the railway station and as it turned out we were the only ones on board the mini bus for the afternoon tour. We travelled out of town to Limousis and the nearby grotto. At the entrance to the caves they have a wine cellar.  We had a wine tasting at the end of the tour – not sure if it really was wine, but the story is certainly romantic. We were guided through the cave and in the last accessible chamber we were treated to a piano recital (pre-recorded) with an accompanying light show. It was well done.

The wine urns

Our next stop was in the quiet little village of Caunes Minervois where we visited the Abbey. It’s a Romanesque Abbey. The use of the local red marble is evident throughout.

A drawing of the abbey

The Abbey

The stone roof

The high alter

The red marble

& more red marble

We also took a short walk around the village

In the village

A door knocker


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