Asheville to Nashville via Knoxville

Friday 13th December 2019

6C – 8C and rainy

We have arrived in Tennessee. Yee Ha!!!

Today we hit the road to travel over the Great Smokey Mountains to Nashville via ‘the World’s Largest Knife Shop’.

It certainly didn’t disappoint – knives and guns galore.  What amazed me is that’s a Friday and the place was overflowing with customers during work time loading up their shopping baskets with guns and knives – Happy Christmas!!!

Called into Knoxville for lunch before continuing on to Nashville.

We encountered some slow traffic coming into Nashville, but nothing like the consistent 5 lanes of bumper-to-bumper traffic leaving the city – the traffic was queued up for mile after mile.

Anyway here we are in Honky Tonk Capital. What a great night, The bars on Broadway (main street) stretch for many blocks and are overflowing with avid country music fans all enjoying the live music. There is certainly no shortage of live music. Every place has a live band. Some places are 4 floors high and have a great band in every single level. We chose to finish off the evening with a great Tennessee whiskey each.

2 comments to “Asheville to Nashville via Knoxville”
  1. Wow, I think I need to visit the “World’s Largest Knife Shop”. My stocks are depleted and I need to buy up for next Christmas!
    Amazing experience seeing all the bars and lights in the Honky Tonk capital along with an abundance of live music!
    Watch those lethal “Tennessee Whiskey’s”!

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