Uzes – Nimes – Uzes

Uzes to Nimes and return

Tuesday 12th September

We paid the princely sum of 1 Euro 50 for the bus journey from Uzes to Nimes. What an amazing city. With a population of 150,000 it’s a thriving hub. The layout is magnificent with extraordinarily wide boulevards with water fountains and plenty of space for pedestrians.

We were a short walk from the amphitheatre, considered to be the best conserved of the Roman world. It was build at the end of the 1st century. It has seating capacity for 24,000 spectators who watched hunts and animal and gladiator fights.  After listening to some of the descriptions they all sounded very brutal and blood thirsty. It was quite a feat but we made to the top.

We visited the Musee de la Romanite or Museum of Romanity. It would seem as more excavations and archaeological digs uncover Roman antiquities they are sent to this museum for restoration and conservation.

We also jumped onboard the local tourist train for a quick tour of Nimes.


The return journey to Uzes was no less hair raising then morning trip – very narrow roads, big 50-seat coach, oncoming traffic and sheer cliffs.

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