Uzes Day 6

Thursday 14th September
Today is our last full day in Uzes so we took time out to continue exploring this beautiful village.
We met up for morning tea at one our favorite spots.
This is the laneway’s resident cat who wanders between the counter of a nearby hotel (where it sleeps for most of the day) and the tourist information office. It seems to have a charmed life.
Uzes has an abundance of starlings who flock into the trees in the main boulevard in the early evening, reminds me of Charters Towers and the flying foxes without the smell and the mess! These little motifs appear randomly throughout the laneways. Clearly the locals look upon the starlings with more fondness compared to the foxes in the Towers!

Another curiosity, for me at least were the doors.  Mostly ancient and wooden however over time as necessity dictates and another lock is fitted to the door the stone doorway needs to be chiseled out to accommodate.

We dined out last night on the main boulevard. Two things that have surprised us all is the number of people who smoke in France and of course they sit outside which is where we tend to gravitate so as to soak up the local atmosphere. The other is the lack of vegetarian dishes available. Sue is vegetarian and often there are no choices at all for her.  Although cider is usually readily available served up in a pitcher.

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