Phuket Day 5

Tuesday 10th May 2016

Yoga at 7am ad I had a private lesson as no one else turned up.

Breakfast in Chom Tolay – they serve fabulous fruit and juice each morning, it’s so fresh and tasty and all presented artistically. Dragonfruit, watermelon, pomelo, guava, pineapple, rose apples, paw paw, Thai watermelon (we call rock melon), tiny lady finger bananas, Lychee juice, pea flower juice, fresh limes and all the regular juices.

There is always the selection of usual breads and pastries and lots of fresh salad, cheese and cold meats. They have the egg station that cooks them anyway you like and then there is a huge selection of Thai hot dishes (just like you would normally have at dinner time, but they are all served for breakfast – typical of Asain breakfasts).