Disney Land

Susan at the front gate

imageWe are off to explore Disney Land.  There are 2 massive parks. Disney Land is adjacent to California Adventure.  The original Disney Land was opened by Walt Disney in 1955 (before I was born!). It has the famous fairyland castle, surrounded by Fantasy Land, Adventure Land, Tomorrow Land and Frontier Land.   They has the Disney Parade twice a day and all of the characters come out – Daffy Duck, Pluto, Aladdin, Marry Poppins, the Lion King and of course MICKEY MOUSE.  Disney Land is ALL about Mickey.  I would be certain that no visitor leaves without a Mickey souvenir of some sort, including me. In fact every second person walking around is wearing Mickey Mouse ears, but not me.  There is loud and live music everywhere and very frequent guest appearances by all of the stars and anyone can have their photo taken with them.  Andy from Toy Story and Buzz Lightyear were popular.  We stayed on for a great dinner and the fireworks,  The place doesn’t close until 11pm.