Albi Day 2 & the Cathedral of Saint Cecilia

Albi Day 2 & the Cathedral of Saint Cecilia

Sunday 24th September

Although construction of the Cathedral commenced at a similar time to the adjacent Berbie Palace, it took more than 200 years to complete.  Its exterior resembles that of a fortress, possibly influenced by the bishops who oversaw the construction and continued fortification of the Berbie Palace. It’s built of red brick, as is the rest of Albi.  The interior walls and ceilings are lavishly decorated. There are 29 chapels and a large choir enclosure which has a rood screen. The purpose of the rood screen was to provide a separate area within the church for the clergy to pray.

A chapel

The organ

Decorated walls

More decorated walls

Ornate choir stalls

Rood screen

External view

Gargoyle keeping watch



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